Mobile Phones Have Changed Video Consumption

People spend more time on mobile devices. They use mobile phones for various reasons, to communicate with their friends, to find the information they need, to entertain themselves online using
Betfair Bonus and to watch videos. At the same time, they watch less TV. This does not mean that they’ve stopped watching the news, movies, TV shows etc. Old habits do not change easily. They still watch videos, but now they do it on a different screen – their mobile device screen. Nowadays, using a mobile phone is becoming the preferred method of viewing content, communicating, interacting with people and shopping online. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, we will present to you the differences between watching videos on mobile and on TV and a desktop computer; in addition, we will explain how watching videos on mobile influences marketing.


When it first appeared, TV was the greatest invention of technology. The possibility to watch videos was the best thing that could happen in the period. As technology improved, watching videos on TV was replaced by watching videos on computers. You could post videos online and watch what other people posted anywhere in the world. Once the smartphones appeared, a lot has changed again. Smartphones have brought many conveniences to users. Firstly, with a smartphone, you can watch the video where ever you are. If you have the internet, you can watch the show on the street, on the bus, in the coffee shop. In the era of TVs and computer desktops, you could watch videos at home only. With mobile devices, you can watch them anytime and anywhere. In addition, if you have more than one phone, you can watch two different things at the same time. You can chat with friends and watch your video. More importantly, mobile phones bring the possibility to create a video and share it immediately online for your friends to see it. This was not possible with TVs and computers and it is the biggest difference between the two.


Watching videos on mobile devices has influenced marketing as well. Nowadays, people use their mobile phones more often than before. The study shows that 78% of videos are watched on mobile phones. In addition, the statistics show that people prefer watching commercials on their phone than on TV. 64% of people have said that the video ad they saw on Facebook has influenced them to buy a product. This means that mobile devices are good for business, especially for small businesses. People who own a small business can create a video advertisement, post it online, share it as many times they need. People will see the commercial and decide to buy or not buy a product. In addition, if they like the product they can share the commercial among their friends and thus promote the product even more.

As the 5G technology progresses, the connectivity will improve even more. This does not mean that television will be replaced by mobile phones, it means that in the future, watching videos on your phones will improve even more and its popularity will increase.