The Future of Smartphones

Are smartphones going to be replaced? Everything eventually is. Remember the Walkman, digital cameras or portable mp3s? These were the gadgets we could not live without and they were replaced by smartphones. In a similar manner, online betting and welcome bonus offers are slowly replacing the physical betting shops. But what will replace smartphones? Is it possible to replace a smartphone? Even though it is hard to imagine that one day smartphones will become a part of old technology, we believe that it will happen one day. In order to help you realize the destiny of your favorite gadget, in the following paragraphs, we will try to present a short history of smartphones and then we will try to see what will happen in the future with them, and how they can be replaced.


Prior to smartphones, we had a mobile phone, an mp3 player, a digital camera, a watch, etc. Mobile phones were at first with big screens and then their screens became smaller and smaller. Once the 2G network was replaced by the 3G network, the mobile phone started to gain more features. Firstly, the mobile phone gained camera options, then the mp3 option and others. This way, mobile phones became a good substitution for a digital camera, an mp3 player, etc. As the options multiplied, the screen of the phone became bigger. The appearance of 4G network brought us smartphones, mobile phones that can do almost anything, take a picture, make a voice or video call, share things instantly online, find information and offer the help of personal assistants. Nowadays, we are so attached to our mobile phones that we cannot imagine a day without them. Scientists are creating better phones which can do many more new things and it is hard for us to imagine that someday smartphones are actually going to be replaced.


This is a very stressful question for all of us who love our smartphones. However, as we mentioned before, as the technology progresses everything eventually gets replaced. Everybody is talking about 5G. 5G will bring fast internet speed and amazing connectivity. In addition, augmented reality is being developed as we speak. This can bring smart glasses which can in the future replace smartphones. Imagine wearing glasses which you can use to take a picture, make a phone call, search the net. In addition, look at smartwatches. It may seem unthinkable but maybe in the future, these small gadgets will replace smartphones. Maybe we will use our watches to create amazing pictures, make video calls and watch movies.

We need to remember that 70 years ago people could not imagine a phone which could be used for watching movies. If we look at the movies created at the period, we can see that they imagined mobile phones, phones which could be used for video calls, but many things smartphones can do were unimaginable to them. Maybe in the future smartphones will be replaced by some technology our brains cannot imagine now. Maybe we would have smartphones installed in our heads, maybe it would be some invisible machine, or something completely new. We are only left to wait and see what the future will bring!