The Revolutionary 5G and its Influence on eSports

It is said that moving from 4G to 5G is like moving from a typewriter to a computer. You can compare it to how easy it is to make sportsbook bets at FanDuel as compared to going to a classic physical bookmaker. 5G is the fifth and the latest generation of cellular mobile communications which promises a lot in the world of mobile networks. Everybody is talking about 5G even though it has not been released yet. What is 5G? What is the difference between 5G and 4G? What are the benefits of 5G? How will 5G influence eSports? These are the questions we will try to answer in the following paragraphs.


As it was mentioned before, the 5G network is the fifth generation of mobile networks. 5G has yet to be released. It is in its earliest phases of development. However, people are expecting a lot from it. For example, it is expected that 5G will bring better internet connectivity. Furthermore, it will be easier to download and upload data. In addition, the internet coverage will be wider and the connection would be more stable. The result would be faster internet speed and more devices could access the mobile internet at the same time.


4G is the fourth generation of mobile network that brought many changes in the world of cellphones. It replaced the 3G mobile network and it brought improved download and upload speeds, crystal clear voice calls, and reduced latency. With 4G technology, a lot can be done. However, with 5G technology whatever we want to do with our smartphones we will do faster. Smart glasses will become part of our daily lives, videos will have better resolution and higher quality. Furthermore, it is believed that 5G will be 10 to 20 times faster than 4G. Imagine the speed 5G will have if 4G has 45mbps! We are left to see for ourselves once 5G is released!


5G promises a lot. It is a new and improved technology which will start the revolution in internet connectivity. It will increase the speed, both download, and upload. You will be able to download a movie in a few seconds. Secondly, there will not be stop delays with 5G. Thirdly, 5G will provide high resolution and larger bandwidth and the battery consumption will decrease. In addition, with 5G, all networks will be gathered on the same platform which is very important. Finally and most importantly, the connectivity will be uninterrupted and consistent which will improve online streaming a lot. This is very beneficial for gaming and especially for the eSports industry.


ESports will benefit the most once 5G is released. Firstly, people will be able to watch the games in extremely high resolutions. The faster the internet connection, the higher the resolution. Since 5G is promising extremely high internet speed and connectivity, imagine how great it would be to watch the game with 5G! Secondly, there will not be slow connection problems anymore. You will be able to enjoy the game without delays. You will not have to worry about missing the final score, for example. Finally, with 5G you will be able to watch the games from virtually anywhere. You can just turn on your phone, take a seat on the bus and enjoy the game. It will be much easier and more exciting.

It is believed that by 2020, 5G will enter the world of mobile networks. Are we ready for 5G? We have to wait to see!