AI in Tech Companies

Artificial Intelligence, or as it is popularly called AI, represents cognition displayed by machines. People have been dreaming of AI for many years. They have imagined having robots doing house chores for them. However, AI is not only about robots, nor just video games and Betway Kenya. It is much more complex. AI creators have the task to incorporate human abilities such as learning, reasoning, memory formation, language skills, and others into machines. This way, our lives are supposed to become much easier.

AI is very important to tech companies and their development.  What does AI bring to tech companies? How do tech companies use AI to boost their business? What are the possible problems that AI can bring? These are just some of the questions that perplex us, and we will try to provide some answers for them in the following paragraphs.


We use Siri, Google Now, or Alexa every day without even thinking that they are the perfect examples of AI technology. Each time you use predictive text input while you are typing an SMS, you actually use AI. As technology improves, AI can process a great amount of data, spot patterns and do many more things at a speed faster than humans and with a precision better than humans. This is very important for tech companies. The branch of AI that is the most relevant to tech companies is machine learning. This is a study of algorithms which are used by computer systems in order to perform a certain task without explicit instruction by a human being. This is very useful in online ad targeting, recommendations of products and other areas of business. The perfect example of how machine learning app works is Gmail by Google. Gmail is able to scan the content of emails and suggest quick replies on your devices.


Tech companies use AI to boost their business in various ways. For example, Google has already improved Gmail so that we have suggested replies. Google Assistant uses natural language processing in order to respond to voice commands. Microsoft also invests in AI. They have created an AI Group which can be seen across Windows, Azure, and Office. In addition, Apple uses AI in various applications. They use it to identify fraud or to optimize battery usage, and in many other fields as well. When it comes to Facebook, AI plays a very important role, because Facebook cannot exist without AI. Friend suggestions, targeted audience, online marketing, and many other aspects of AI are found on Facebook.


AI has the promise of making our lives easier. However, AI brings some threats as well. Firstly, people are afraid that machines could become super-intelligent, more intelligent than humans. This can mean that they will be able to do things humans do not want them to do. In addition, they can be programmed to harm people, to cause destruction or accidents. Furthermore, with cybercrime on the rise, criminals could use AI to attack their victims via the networks the victims are using, which is another great threat.

Even though many problems can arise, they cannot stop the development of AI. In addition, people will make the AI able to deal with the threats. We are anxious to see how AI will improve.